Lancaster Vision joins the Big Hitters!


Lancaster Vision with Lancaster Civic Society has been asked to take a stand at the inaugural North Lancashire Expo at Lancaster Brewery on Sunday and Monday 24 and 25 September 2017. This is a magnificent opportunity for the Civic Society and Lancaster Vision to demonstrate and promote their place among the communities of Lancaster.


Businesses large and small have taken 200 stands at the Expo so where does the Civic Society and Lancaster Vision fit in? Lancaster Vision’s strapline – Raising the Sights of our City – will resonate with most of the businesses and employers represented at the Expo. We all want to help Lancaster realise its enormous potential, and one of the means to achieving that is through a healthy business economy.


A good business will care about its environment and the way it presents itself, which is where the Civic Society comes in. Every other year it offers awards for good building design and many of these go to commercial buildings. If a business is refurbishing its offices or moving into a new building, the Civic Society can advise on the planning process and ultimately feed recommendations through to the City Council – it could be cheaper to seek advice first rather than have to dismantle a garish fascia later!


We can offer businesses support and advice but what do we hope to get out of the Expo: first, promotion for our work and ethos and second, an opportunity to recruit more members interested in a future vision for Lancaster.


Please come along to one of the days (or both) and visit our stand – we look forward to seeing you there. You will find friendly staff, lots of information, a quiz, and a treasure hunt – fun for all the family. Check the link for details: